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Chris Walker

Chris Walker is the Founder Director of Bright White Ltd

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About Me

Chris is the founder Director of Bright White Ltd, a creative design consultancy based in York, England. Their mission is to help individuals and communities to tell their story. Founded in 2004, Bright White Ltd specialise in all aspects of interpretation, innovative communications and experience design across all media - from stone to silicon.

Session 3: Storytelling for Good, Storytelling for Evil

Storytelling can be powerful - and with power comes responsibility. Chris shares some of the techniques and tools that Bright White use to check that your storytelling is hitting the spot.


Session 4: Using Digital Storytelling to Persuade

How does digital storytelling differ to traditional forms, when it comes to persuasion? Chris shares some examples of story features that are enabled by digital storytelling.


Session 5: Blurred Realities

Sometimes the brief for the project seeks ways to blur the line between the real and virtual worlds. Chris shares his experience of purposeful blurring of realities during his involvement with the In the Room with Nile Rodgers project.


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