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Dinah Lammiman

Professor, Immersive Factual Storytelling UCL

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About Me

Dinah Lammiman is Professor of Immersive Factual Storytelling in UCL Anthropology.  She created and now leads the first Russell Group MA course In Immersive Storytelling (VR) in the UK, launched as a standalone MA in 2022.  Since 2017 the Immersive studio annual cohort has comprised around 30 students, many of whom have gone on to senior positions in the VR and AR industry. 

She is also co founder of immersive storytelling company PastPorte. PastPorte creates stunning and thought-provoking installations that bring to life historic stories for national and international attractions. Clients include The Eden Project, Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, the National Trust for Scotland and SS Great Britain.

From 2017 -2019 Dinah was part of the BBC VR incubation project that produced and distributed award-winning VR content, particularly noted for its compelling narratives and popular appeal.  She also led a wide-scale project to push VR out to over 170 public libraries around the UK, thereby introducing a large new audience to VR and its possibilities.

Talk outline 'Personal, Historical and Educational Digital Storytelling':

How might immersive approaches change our understanding of history, education and our own personal stories?  Drawing on theory and practice, Dinah Lammiman explores current experiential storytelling examples and how these might shape us in the future. 


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