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Lucy Hammond

Creative Producer at Pilot Theatre

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About Me

Lucy is Projects Producer at Pilot Theatre and Creative Producer/Director, where she works with immersive technology and virtual reality in particular. Her projects ‘Monoliths’, ‘Traitor’ and ‘The Archive,’ have all toured internationally and been shown at several prestigious festivals, including Tribeca Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, BFI London Film Fest (where she was nominated for Best Immersive Artwork 2022) and Sheffield Doc Fest. 



1. What is Digital Storytelling? 

Lucy will present two VR projects with totally different approaches from Pilot Theatre – ’Traitor’ and ‘Monoliths’--showing that there is no singular way of telling stories with digital technology. These two projects span escape room-style interaction, to a live actor bringing poetry into the landscape. 


7. The Role of Narrator

When the audience is at the centre of the action in VR, what is the role of the narrator? Pilot Theatre’s projects have looked at the role of the narrator in different ways: placing the audience at the heart of the story, as well as embedding the narrator into the soundscape. In this session Lucy will talk through the successes and failures of each approach.


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