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Ludovica Fales

Lecturer in Experimental and Interactive Storytelling

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About Me

Ludo studied Theoretical Philosophy in Rome and Cultural Anthropology in Berlin, where she obtained a Masters in Documentary Direction at the National Film and Television School in 2011, followed by an international Ph.D. in Audiovisual Studies. Over the course of her career she has worked as a director, producer and assistant documentary filmmaker for Lyfta, BBC and Al Jazeera. For the past ten years she has collaborated with documentary and human rights festivals, teaching cinema and new media in Bosnia, Kosovo and the Mediterranean as a form of conflict resolution and in support of strong female voices. She has also taught experimental documentary and interactive storytelling at UCL and Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, while developing research on collective storytelling in new media projects, new forms of agency and participation, and spaces of coalescence between digital and material dimensions.

Session 9: Non-Linear Storytelling

Experimental films have challenged linear storytelling in a wide range of artistic, poetic, humorous, political and highly creative ways, always distinguishing themselves by a non-linear and non-narrative movement of thought that draws on many different sources of knowledge. Digital media, immersed in a cross- and trans-media landscape, are now embracing a stronger focus on non-linearity and the redefinition of the relationship between story and audience. Through embodiment, haptic enablers and 360° immersive storytelling, digital storytellers are exploring new and innovative applications that may well become part of the conventions of the future. In this session Ludo will explore the genealogy that connects non-linear storytelling project from the past to non-linear storytelling project employing digital media.


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