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Myra Appannah and
Simon Wilkinson

Founders of BrightBlack

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About Me

Myra Appannah and Simon Wilkinson set up BRiGHTBLACK in 2019, to explore the radical potential of immersive technologies to create playable, interactive experiences that democratise, disrupt and decolonise our culture. Their works have toured to 36 countries on 5 continents, featuring at venues including Tate Modern and an abandoned toilet in the Arizona desert. They have hundreds of labs, consultancies and commissions with universities and institutions such as The Royal Shakespeare Company, The British Council and Sydney Opera House. They also mentor emerging and underrepresented artists, with the aim of creating a new paradigm for culture that gives power back to the individual and the community.

They will be sharing their transmedia and interactive digital storytelling experiences with us.


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