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Robin Cramp

Business Development Manager at Production Park

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About Me

Robin heads the Business Development at Production Park for XPLOR, the world's first research & innovation centre for entertainment technology and production. XPLOR works in cooperation with the Centre for Virtual Production, based in Yorkshire. 


An accomplished and award-winning digital sector specialist, Robin has a wealth of experience  in the creative, digital, and broadcast screen industries. Prior to joining Production Park, Robin was Industry Development Manager/Executive Producer at the University of York, and worked across the BBC within R&D. There he designed creative marketing functions, using digital to pilot and innovate in both products and campaigns.


Session 15 - Virtual Production and its place in Digital Storytelling 

Virtual Production is a fledgling but growing field that facilitates creative discussions on how to develop content creation across the creative industries. This session will delve into the XPLOR’s Centre for Virtual Production on Production Park, and how it is working to advance new standards in digital storytelling.


Let's connect. 

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