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Sarah Coward

Sarah Coward is the founder and CEO of In The Room.

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About Me

Sarah Coward is the founder and CEO of In The Room. In the Room seeks to transform audience engagement through conversation, by enabling audiences and talent to connect with each other. This is achieved through voice interactive conversational media, a powerful tool that integrates voice recognition, AI and authentic audiovisual media. With applications in entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, sport, culture and education, In the Room is transforming communication in multiple global industries.


Prior to founding In The Room, Sarah worked at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, where the Forever Project was born. This award-winning work digitally preserved the experience of meeting Holocaust survivors, enabling future generations to hear their testimony, and to ask questions about their experiences. 


Session 2: Personal, Historical & Educational Digital Storytelling

Session 9: Non-Linear Storytelling - Leveraging the power of presence in interactive storytelling. 


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