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Tim Powell

Freelance Producer and Creative Consultant

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About Me

Tim Powell is a freelance producer and creative consultant. As a producer he creates award-winning experiences that combine immersive technology, live performance and physical installations that delight audiences in venues, public spaces, at festivals and online. In his consultant role he helps organisations develop strategies for innovation and approaches to immersive storytelling. He presents and teaches his work internationally.


Currently Tim is Creative Entrepreneur in Residence at Reading University, Previously he acted as Consulting Producer for The Gunpowder Plot, a feature-length immersive historical experience at the Tower of London that received rave reviews from the British media. Developed in partnership between Layered Reality and Historic Royal Palaces, The Gunpowder Plot transports audiences deep into 1605 London, as active participants in Britain's most famous plot.


Session 1: What is Digital Storytelling?


Session 2: Personal, Historical & Educational Digital Storytelling - Immersive storytelling involves two simultaneous stories: the one told by the creator, and the one experienced by the audience as they journey through the storyworld. This session will discuss how to  make these two stories work together for the full audience experience. 


Session 14: Interactivity in Digital Storytelling - The interactivity within much digital storytelling raises big challenges for traditional storytellers. This is art without the frame, film without the screen and theatre without a stage - where audiences can find their own narratives and make their own meaning. This talk will look at ways to enable audience agency whilst still proving a rich narrative experience.


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